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Section 1.5 Online Learner Characteristics, Technology and Skill Requirements

To be a good candidate for online learning, the student must be committed to learning, have a positive attitude, be willing to take on a challenge, and possess time management skills. Generally, the traditional classroom allowed, even conditioned the learner to be passive. In contrast, the online learner will need to take an active role in the learning process. They must take control of his/her learning to be successful. “Students lacking in sound study skills or habits will experience less success and satisfaction in an online learning environment” (Anderson, 2008, p. 170). Davies and Bernard et al. found (as cited by Anderson) “undergraduates tend to benefit less than graduate students from distance methods suggests the importance of maturity, and of a “watchful and helpful” instructor stance” (p. 170).

The learner must be self-directed and motivated to succeed in online learning. Online learners require differing skills. Biesenbach-Lucas (as cited by Anderson) state, “online learners must not only understand ideas and concepts, they must be able to explain them articulately to others using text. Successful online learners need an environment where they can both acquire and exercise their skills to achieve personal learning goals” and receive support and assistance from the online instructor as needed (p. 171).

If you have the opportunity to communicate with students enrolled in your online course in advance, consider sending them the following Online Learner Self-Assessment Survey developed by M.D. Roblyer for the University of Tennessee, Chattanooga Online M. Ed. Program. This instrument enables students to assess their ability to succeed in an online learning environment:

Technology and Skill Requirements Resources for Students

The following computer and technology skills have been identified for the online student (O’Neil et al., p. 63):

Blackboard offers tutorials to help the student become familiar with all of the tools and features of Blackboard. From the Blackboard log on screen, students can select the Support tab to access these tutorials.

Suggested Resources to provide to online Students