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President’s Award for Staff Excellence

The President’s Award for Staff Excellence recognizes staff members whose performance exceeds customary standards or who exhibit outstanding skills or dedication in the performance of special projects on behalf of the University.

(L-R) Jayna Phinney, Zachary Deere, Candace Aguirre, ASU President Ronnie Hawkins Jr., Amanda Ritchie, Christabel Romine and Meghan Pena ... (L-R) Jayna Phinney, Zachary Deere, Candace Aguirre, ASU President Ronnie Hawkins Jr., Amanda Ritchie, Christabel Romine and Meghan Pena (Staff Senate)

It is presented annually to recognize outstanding job performance during the preceding calendar year in four categories:

  1. Commitment to Excellence
  2. Excellence in Innovation
  3. Excellence in Customer Service
  4. Excellence in Leadership

Each award consists of a cash grant, less federal taxes.

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Award Details

Eligibility Criteria:
All full-time employees in good standing, excluding members of the Administrative Council and members of the faculty, are eligible to be nominated for the Staff Excellence Award. To be considered for the award, a staff member must have been employed full time (40 hours per week) and continuously at ASU for at least one year. Winners of any of the particular award categories may not win the same award category more than once.

To receive the award, a staff member must have performed well above the normal standard in his or her job over a sustained period of time, or have excelled in the performance of a specific project.

Nomination Process:
Any full-time employee, regardless of position, may nominate another full-time employee or him/herself for the annual award. No member of the Selection Committee shall be eligible to make a nomination. If a member of the Selection Committee is nominated, he/she must recuse him/herself from the committee. Nominations can be made anytime during the calendar year on the online nomination form.

Selection Committee:
A four-member selection committee will be appointed by the Staff Senate. One member of the committee will come from each of the four employment classification areas: Executive/Administrative/Managerial, Professional, Secretarial/Clerical and Service/Maintenance/Skilled Craft. The Chair of the Staff Senate will oversee the committee and shall vote on selections only in case of a tie. The Senior Executive Assistant to the President will serve as an ex-officio member of the committee and shall not vote.

Selection Process:
The selection committee shall review all nominations by the last day in January to select the four annual recipients of the Staff Excellence Award. The Chair of the Senate Staff shall inform the President of the names of the recipients and shall make arrangements for preparation of the award materials for presentation by the President at an appropriate campus-wide award ceremony.

Award Presentation:
Recipients shall be recognized for their achievements during a ceremony hosted by the Staff Senate. The recognition ceremony will take place within 60 days of the first Staff Senate meeting of the following calendar year. The awards will be publicized in appropriate campus and off-campus media.