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Thank you for visiting my site. If you have ended up here by accident, I hope something within my pages will help you with what you are working on. If you have come here by clicking on a link that I have provided you, then please choose the option on the left side bar that best fits what you are looking for.

What you will find on this site

This site will first show you who I am and what my knowledge set is. It by no means is an exaustive list and it only includes work related information. Other than the "about me" items, I have also started collecting items that will help both students and teachers. These resources address or aid in answering questions that I have come across while in higher-ed and in K-12. I have also included some Quality Matters information to help you get acquainted with that information. Feel free to explore and if you have any questions or constructive suggestions; please contact me at any time.

Faculty, Instructors, and Teachers

It is my goal to aid faculty, instructors, and teachers in becoming the most equipped and/or prepared educators possible for the sake of the students we educate. The resources I provide have what I feel are applicable theories, tutorials, or tools that are free to use or at least very cheap to purchase. While we may not agree on every aspect of teaching style and how usable a tool is, I think that we have to have a starting point for discussion. This site will hopefully be that starting point for some.