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More information about the University of Edinburgh

Edinburgh University is one of the oldest and most highly respected educational institutions in the United Kingdom. Founded by James VI in 1582, the university is located in the heart of Edinburgh, capital city of Scotland, home of the Scottish parliament, and the first UNESCO world city of literature.

Famous former students and Professors of the University include the following:

David Hume, philosopher and author of The Treatise of Human Nature.
James Wilson, philosopher and Jurist, one of only six men to sign both the Declaration of Independence, and the Constitution.
Benjamin Rush (1746-1813), Signatory to the Declaration of Independence and medical graduate of the University.
John Witherspoon (1746-1794), graduate and teacher of James Madison, also founder of Princeton University, NJ.
Adam Ferguson, author of An Essay on the History of Civil Society.
James Boswell, author of The Life of Dr.Johnson.
Thomas Carlyle (1795-1881), author of The French Revolution, Sartor Resartus, and famous essays such as 'Sign of the Times,' and who also became Rector of the University in 1866.
Charles Darwin, naturalist and author of The Origin of Species.
Robert Louis Stevenson, author of The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde, Treasure Island, Weir of Hermiston, Kidnapped and many other stories.
Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, writer and creator of Sherlock Holmes.
J. M. Barrie, writer and creator of Peter Pan.
Sir Walter Scott, writer and author of the Waverly Novels, and Ivanhoe.
James Hutton, founder of modern geology.
Joseph Lister, scientist and chemist.

More recent graduates and famous Edinburgh University Professors include:
Piers Sellers, astronaut.
Gordon Brown, former UK Prime Minister.
Ian Rankine, best selling detective novelist, creator of Inspector Rebus.
Alexander McColl Smith, best-selling author of The No.1 Ladies Detective Agency, and The Sunday Philosophy Club.
Emma Simpson, BBC Foreign Correspondent (Class of 90)
Douglas Alexander MP, former Minister for Overseas Development (Class of 90)



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