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About the Open University

The Open University was founded by the Labour government of Harold Wilson in the late 1960s. The OU was called the 'university of the air' because it used television and radio broadcasting in its undergraduate programs. Today it is the UK's largest university with over one hundred and fifty thousand undergraduates, and around ten thousand postgraduates. Although recently founded by UK standards, the OU has already established itself as a leading center of excellence in Higher Education. According to the UK's leading assessment the OU out performed both Oxford and Cambridge in a number of programs.

More recent graduates and famous Open University Professors include:

Professor John Zarnecki,  investigator for the Surface Science Package (SSP) of the Huygens probe to Titan, one of Saturn's moons.
Professor Emeritus of Sociology Stuart Hall, during the 1980s and 1990s Professor Hall played a leading role in multicultural studies in the UK, and did much to define and analyze the phenomenon of "Thatcherism."
Professor David Held, leading political theorist and author of Modern Democracy and a number of books on globalization.

Open University philosophy Students most satisfied students in the UK (read the report).



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