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This page contains links to descriptions, pictures, and video clips of some common chemistry demonstrations, as well as some highlights of ASU's Science Days program.

Last updated:  March 11, 2011

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Magic Show Highlights from Fall 2010-Spring 2011

Click on the name of the demonstration to load a new page that contains information about the demo, video clips (in Real format) and pictures of the demo being performed, and sources for recipes.

Please note that many of these demos are difficult to perform in the classroom because they involve explosions, fires, smoke, or terrible odors — all of the things which chemists love!


Magic Show Pictures and Videos

Over the past few years, the science departments at ASU have been presenting a program called "Science Days," in which elementary school students from around San Angelo get to participate in various activities intended to stimulate interest in science.  As a part of this program, the Chemistry Department puts on a "Magic Show" in which students and faculty from the department perform demonstrations which illustrate some basic ideas in chemistry and physics.  Some photographs and video clips from various programs are available below.

Highlights from Fall 2010-Spring 2011


Burning Elements in Air

Burning Phosphorus

Burning Magnesium


Combustion in Pure Oxygen

Burning Splint

Burning Steel Wool

Burning Sulfur


Elementary (and Semi-Elementary) Reactions

Sodium + Chlorine
Sodium and 

Zinc + Sulfur
Zinc and Sulfur

Calcium in Water
Calcium in Water

Copper in Nitric Acid
Copper in 
Nitric Acid


Explosions, Fires, Light, Loud Noises, etc.


Instant Fire
Instant Fire

Nitrogen Triiodide
Nitrogen Triiodide

Ammonium Dichromate "Volcano"

The Ether Trough


Putting the DEMON in “demonstration”!


All of the videos and pictures on these pages were created by 
Kevin A. Boudreaux at the facilities of the Department of Chemistry 
and Biochemistry at Angelo State University.

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