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Texas State Capitol Building Photographs - 2004

These pictures were taken at the Texas State Capitol in Austin, Texas in March of 2004

Click on the thumbnails below to load a larger version in a separate window.


Texas State Capitol Building - North Side
Scale model of the Statue of Liberty
Painting of Davy Crockett
Statue of Sam Houston
Statue of Stephen F. Austin
Painting "The Surrender of Santa Anna"
Senate Chamber
Painting "Dawn at the Alamo"
Painting "The Battle of San Jacinto"
House of Representatives
Capitol Extension
"There's No Place Like Dome"
Floors 1-3
Dome interior from the 1st floor
Dome interior from the 4th floor
Republic of Texas terrazzo floor
Texas State Capitol Building - South Side
The Great Walk; Congress Avenue
Monument to the Heroes of the Alamo
Monument to Terry's Texas Rangers
Monument to Texas Cowboys