Natural History of Bats

Here are a few of the bat species that you will learn about in the course on the Natural History of Bats. You will be responsible for learning the scientific name, common name, family and distribution of several specimens that will be presented in the lab on the first class day.

Which of the following species are found in Texas?

Many of the following pictures were taken by Michael T. Dixon (unless otherwise indicated).

Lasiurus cinereus, Hoary Bat Desmodus rotundus, Common Vampire Bat

Noctilio leporinus, Fishing Bat Vampyrodes major, Great Stripe-faced Bat

Euderma maculatum, Spotted Bat Lasiurus xanthinus, Western Yellow Bat

Sturnira lilium, Yellow-shouldered Bat Myotis velifer, Cave Myotis

Ectophylla alba, Honduran White Bats Thyroptera discolor, Disk-winged Bat
(Photo courtesy of Larry Gilbert)

Tonatia silvicola, White-throated Round-eared Bat Nyctinomops femorosaccus, Pocketed Freetail Bat
(Photo courtesy of Brian Keeley)


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