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Angelo State University
Meat Goat Performance Test
Supervising Scientist: Dr. Micheal W. Salisbury,     Personal web site
Updated:  April 24, 2015


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Purpose:  Angelo State University's Department of Agriculture in conjunction with the Texas Agricultural Experiment Station, San Angelo, Texas conducts a meat goat buck performance test annually to identify superior bucks.  The test is an avenue for producers to bring their bucks to a central location where they are managed with other producers' goats so that performance may be compared. 

Performance testing is crucial for a producer to really know how their goats compare to other producers goats, but to accurately make the comparisons, the data must be taken from a performance test.  Performance testing is designed to remove many of the environmental factors that influence the performance of animals and if all animals are raised under the same conditions the data is comparable among animals. 

Articles Related to Central Performance Testing:
     The Role of Central Performance Test Stations for meat goats.  by Dr. Dan Waldron

Additionally, data collected on our performance test is used by the American Boer Goat Association in determining bucks eligible for "Ennoblement".  In order for the test to qualify it must be a minimum of 84 days in length.


Contact Information: 

Angelo State University

Dr. Mike Salisbury


ASU Station # 10888
San Angelo, Texas 76909  



Past Performance Test Results


Final Report (Contains ADG and REA Ranks)


Final Report  (Contains ADG and REA Rankings).


Final Report  (Final Report contains ADG and REA Rankings.


Final Report

Rankings: ADG    REA


Final Report

Rankings:  ADG   REA


Final Report

Rankings:  ADG    REA


Final Report

Rankings:  ADG        REA


Final Report

Rankings: ADG          REA


Final Report

Rankings:  ADG   REA


Final Report

Rankings:  ADG      REA


Final Report

Rankings     ADG     REA  
Feed Conversion


Final Report

Rankings   ADG      REA


Final Report

Final Ranking


Final Report



Final Report



Final Report



Final Report



Final Report



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