Angelo State University Show Team

Angelo State University raises registered Rambouillet Sheep.  Therefore, the university frequently exhibits some of their sheep in Livestock Shows around the great state of Texas.  The sheep are exhibited by students majoring in Animal Science at Angelo State University.

The sheep are managed at the Angelo State University Ranch (Management, Instruction and Research Center).  The sale of rams to Registered and Commercial sheep producers is used to operated the University Ranch.  The purpose of the University Ranch is to provide undergraduate and graduate students the opportunity to obtain "hands-on" experience in livestock production.  The ranch is also used to conduct graduate research for students pursuing their Master of Science Degree in Animal Science.

For many years, ASU has been recognized for raising some of the best Rambouillet sheep in Texas, as well as the entire US.  ASU also raises commercial type Suffolk/Hampshire rams that are noted for being adaptable and rugged, which is essential for production in central and west Texas.

For more information about ASU's Sheep, contact Dr. Micheal Salisbury.

Below you can find several photographs of sheep that have been exhibited in various Livestock Shows across Texas.  Scroll down and enjoy.




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