Dr. Nicholas Negovetich

Department of Biology

Cavness Building, room 002B

Angelo State University
ASU Station #10840
San Angelo, TX 76909
Phone: (325) 486-6646
email: nicholas.negovetich@angelo.edu

Research Interests

In the broadest of terms, I'm interested in the dynamics of host-parasite systems. This includes transmission dynamics of the parasite, the cost of parasitism to the individual, and the effect of parasites on communities. But to address these topics, we need a system amenable to calculating transmission rates and life-history traits in the natural system. The ideal system would be a permanent, aquatic system with a diverse group of hosts and parasites that can be collected, measured, and followed throughout the year.

Current research is focused on surveying various aquatic systems of West Texas. The specific aims of this research is to (1.) characterize the host and parasite diversity in the system, (2.) describe the temporal dynamics of the parasite community, and (3.) investigate correlations between host demographic traits and the parasite community. Two areas of West Texas serve as the focal point of our initial studies. These include the aquatic systems in and around San Angelo, TX (Tom Green County) and the Devils River in Val Verde County, TX.

Recent publications

  • Russell, C., T. Casson, C. Sump, K. Luth, M. Zimmermann, N. Negovetich, and G. Esch. 2014. The catastrophic collapse of the larval trematode component community in Charlie's Pond (North Carolina). Journal of Parasitology. (In Press) PDF

  • Stoner, T. D., S. Krauss, J. C. Turner, P. Seiler, N. J. Negovetich, D. E. Stallknecht, S. Frase, E. A. Govorkova, and R. G. Webster. 2012. Susceptibility of avian influenza viruses of the N6 subtype to the neuraminidase inhibitor Oseltamivir. Antiviral Research 93: 322-329. PDF

  • Negovetich, N. J., M. M. Feeroz, L. Jones-Engel, D. Walker, S. M. R. Alam, K. Hasan, P. Seiler, A. Ferguson, K. Friedman, S. Barman, J. Franks, J. Turner, S. Krauss, R. J. Webby, and R. G. Webster. 2011. Live bird markets of Bangladesh: H9N2 viruses and the near absence of highly pathogenic H5N1 influenza. PLoS ONE 6: e19311. PDF

  • Marcelin, G., H. M. Bland, N. J. Negovetich, M. R. Sandbulte, A. H. Ellebedy, A. D. Webb, Y. S. Griffin, J. L. DeBeauchamp, J. E. McElhaney, R. J. Webby. 2010. Inactivated seasonal influenza vaccines increase cross reactive antibodies to the neuraminidase of pandemic H1N1 2009 influenza virus in an age dependent manner. Journal of Infectious Diseases 202: 1634-1638. PDF

  • Krauss, S., D. E. Stallknecht, N. J. Negovetich, L. J. Niles, R. J. Webby, and R. G. Webster. 2010. The ecology of avian influenza, Charadriiformes, and the Delaware Bay – the generation of a virus 'hot-spot'. Proceedings of the Royal Society of London B Series 277: 3373-3379. PDF

Other publications

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