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FERPA/Proxy-Access for Authorized User

If you would like to give another individual access to your student records, you must create a FERPA/Proxy Authorized User from your secure RamPort account (watch instructional videos here).  This individual must have a valid email address.

Steps to set up a FERPA/Proxy Authorized User:

  • Sign in to your RamPort student account with your ASU username and password.
  • Select the Rams icon located at the top right of the page.
  • Choose the FERPA/Proxy Tab.
  • Click on Add Authorized User to set up an account for a third party (i.e. Mom, Dad, Employer, Academic Advisor).
  • Read the text on the page and make sure that you understand the implications and responsibility of granting a FERPA/Proxy Authorized User access to your records and information.
  • Type in the required information including a valid email address for the Authorized User. This is not your email address. This email will allow the Authorized User to receive communications necessary to finalize the set up of their account access.
  • Expand Authorized User to set up the relationship and description of your Authorized User.  Be as specific as possible.  Your user will receive an email and once he/she logs in to their secure account and submits the required information, your FERPA/Proxy is complete. At this point, ASU staff and faculty can discuss your educational and financial records with this user.
  • If you want to grant additional online viewing access of bill, address, or tax information, choose the “Authorization” tab to select information you would like them to view (if any).

Note: These FERPA/Proxy authorizations are permanently in your file until you remove or rescind the request through your RamPort account.

Directory Restriction Form

ASU students who wish to restrict the release of directory information (name, address, telephone numbers, etc.) must complete a Directory Restriction Form available in the Office of the Registrar. The directory restriction will remain in effect until rescinded in writing by the student.

To complete the form, students must:

  • Visit the Registrar’s Office in Room 200 of the Hardeman Student Services Center.
  • Fill out the Directory Restriction Form.
  • Sign and submit the form and provide photo I.D. to Registrar’s Office staff. Only the student requesting directory restriction can submit this form.

Note: Students who wish to restrict the release of directory information should realize that this action could have negative consequences. All directory information will be held in confidence, which means the student’s presence at Angelo State University will not be acknowledged in response to routine inquiries. No directory information will be listed in print or electronic media, and the student’s name will not be published in the commencement program, Dean’s List announcements, honors, recognitions or newspaper listings. In addition, federal law prohibits our response to inquiries by employers or prospective employers for students who have this form on record with the Registrar’s Office.

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