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Application for Graduation

Please file an Application for Graduation ONLY if you are graduating at the next applicable graduation date.

You must complete the entire application. Incorrect information may mean that the Dean’s Office will be unable to clear you to graduate for the applicable semester.

Please file an Application for a Certificate if you are completing your certificate program at the next applicable date.

Degree Completion

Anticipated date of degree completion
Degree programs are completed in May, August and December and diplomas will be mailed out at the completion of those semesters, regardless of which ceremony you participate in.
Degree Completion Month
Degree Completion Year
In which ceremony will you participate?
Graduation ceremonies are in May and December. If you are graduating in August, you must indicate which ceremony (May or December) in which you would like to participate.
Ceremony Month
Ceremony Year

Personal Info

Please fill out the following with your legal name.

Your email address is required.

Local Address

Used for correspondence concerning graduation

Permanent Address

Used for mailing diploma and correspondence after graduation.


Postgraduate Plans

Please provide the following information about your postgraduate employment:

Which activities do you plan on being involved in upon graduation? (Check all that apply)
Enter number of your choice

Graduate/Professional Program

Please provide the following information about your graduate/professional program: