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The support you provide students changes lives.

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Because of your commitment, there is pride and power in the Ram Family that extends beyond our campus to you. Our students are a hard-working humble force to be reckoned with. For them, the Ram Family is not just school spirit - it is a community of support we all belong to.

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We are here to help you find the best way to make a tremendous impact at Angelo State.

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Signature Events

We love celebrating the Ram Family together with you through events like the Phil George Blue and Gold Auction.


Memberships are just one of the many ways you can show your continuing commitment to Angelo State.


Real world challenges.

Real solutions

Your gift can help a first-generation college student focus on their studies, succeed, and change their family tree.

  • “I am very blessed because of the scholarships I’ve received. Because donors are willing to help so much enables individual students to have peace of mind about their finances and focus on their academic interests and activities. I’m incredibly grateful that they chose me.”

    Tressa Reading, Mathematics, Pre-Health Professions Program, Class of 2024

    ASU student, Tressa Reading, speaking at a podium during a scholarship dinner
  • “Giving back to the university shows that the RamFam spirit lives on, even when you’re no longer here. It shows that alumni want to donate to help other students continue their education.”

    Brayden Woods, Former Student Body President, Class of 2019

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  • “I have no doubt, had I not gone through the Angelo State business school myself, that I would be anywhere near where I am today. It’s an honor to own a San Angelo-based business and give back to the university who helped me grow into an entrepreneur. Knowing I can directly influence the next generation of business-owners is an incredible feeling.”

    Blake Vincent, Class of 1996

    NVCOB naming ceremony