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These five unique organizations always welcome new members and have a direct impact on your areas of interest.

Eduardo working in the lab

President’s Circle

Bound by their shared commitment to Angelo State, members of the President’s Circle assist ASU President Ronnie Hawkins Jr. in advancing the mission of ASU.

overhead view of Junell Center and football stadium

Ram Club

As a member of the Ram Club, you help support over 350 student-athletes in their pursuit of championships and degrees.

Costumed performers singing on stage

Friends of Art and Music Education

As a member of FAME, you help music, art and theatre students have the opportunity to flourish in the classroom and beyond.

Night shot of the Porter Henderson Library

Friends of the Porter Henderson Library and West Texas Collection

Join this elite group that enhances the collections, services, programs and facilities of the Porter Henderson Library and West Texas Collection.

2019 Alumni Association Homecoming Honorees

Alumni Association

The Alumni Association seeks to foster and further develop the relationship between the university and its students – current, past and future – to enthusiastically promote pride, loyalty and the traditions of Angelo State University.