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Phil and Toddy George’s legacy is indelible to Angelo State University. The school’s athletic programs thrive today because of the Georges’ vision. The Georges laid the groundwork for the Ram Family.

To this day, athletic alumni talk about “Coach” and how he molded them and truly made them members of his family. The Georges’ gave their time, love and support to our school.

Phil described Toddy as the perfect coach’s wife. She took on raising not just their own children but helped bring up multiple members of the Ram Family over the years. Toddy George passed away on Dec. 18, 2018. Like all Rams, her light shines on.

  • “My athletic scholarship has given me an opportunity to play the sport I love while continuing my education in order to pursue the career I want in the future. It has made a huge impact on my family and myself by reducing the burden of college debt. I will forever be thankful for my athletic scholarship.”

    Valerie Solis, Women’s Soccer

    athlete kicking a soccer ball
  • “My athletic scholarship has allowed me to continue playing the sport I love while also pursuing my dream career academically. This scholarship has given me the opportunity to be able to focus on my studies and sport with less financial burden and pressure. I am grateful for this scholarship that allows me to chase my dreams.”

    Madison Stokes, Women’s Soccer

    athlete running with a soccer ball
  • “My athletic scholarship has made my college experience an exceptional one.”

    Josh Quinton, Football

    Football player slapping hands with fan

Champions of service

Phil and Toddy George are the very definition of legacy. Your gift honors their life of commitment to Angelo State University.

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