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Charitable Remainder Trusts

How It Works

Here’s how you set up a remainder trust:

When you establish a charitable remainder trust, you and the trustee agree to the amount of the annual payment to you and/or other beneficiaries. The amount of the annual payment must be at least 5 percent of the trust assets’ initial fair market value and is generally taxable to the beneficiaries.

This graphic visually represents how charitable remainder annuity trusts work.


Here are a few reasons why this type of gift to Angelo State might be ideal for you:

Who It’s Ideal For

A charitable remainder trust might be your preferred method of giving to Angelo State if you:


Assets that work especially well include:

Contact Us

If you are interested in learning more about creating an Angelo State charitable remainder annuity trust, please contact the Development Office at 325-942-2116 or We would be happy to discuss giving options and opportunities with you.

As with any planned gift, please consult your own legal and tax advisors. Our staff would also be happy to speak with your advisors.