Eduardo working in the lab

Sophomore international student Eduardo Aguirre Serrata found his home at Angelo State.

At Angelo State, we strive to make all our students feel part of the Ram Family.

Take Eduardo, for example. When Eduardo stepped onto Angelo State’s campus for the first time, he was a little worried.

“I thought I was going to be alone at first, and afraid,” he said. “As an international student, I was really worried that being away from my country and family, I would feel alienated – almost completely isolated.”

“Angelo State feels like home. The Ram Fam is very united. Here, it’s a family.”

That worry was quickly put to rest.

“I felt very welcomed when I first got here,” Eduardo said. “The people are really nice. ASU is a diverse university – you meet people from every single part of the world. I met many international students that are going through the same stuff I’m going through.”

So how did Eduardo, a native of Chihuahua, Mexico, find ASU in the first place?

“ASU had a program with my high school called the COBACH Partnership,” he explained. “I got accepted because I got really good grades on my ACT, and I got the Carr Scholarship off of that.”

A chemistry major, Eduardo is taking classes to fit his interests and career goals.

Eduardo working in the lab

“I’m not interested really in the medical area of chemistry, which is what Angelo State is specialized in,” he said. “I’m interested in more of an engineering area of chemistry.”

“That’s why I’m taking physics,” Eduardo continued. “I’m going to make physics my minor. I’m taking a lot of physics and math classes, so it’s more focused towards engineering rather than medicine.”

Eduardo working in the lab

Graduating in 2021, Eduardo hopes to go to graduate school. His ultimate career goal?

“I would really love to work as a pharmacist or in a lab,” he said. “I like everything that has to do with meds – I think it’s really cool.”

Eduardo working in the lab

When he’s not working in the lab or studying, Eduardo works as a resident assistant in Centennial Village. Here, he also finds community.

“I think it’s one of the most versatile jobs campus has to offer,” Eduardo explained. “Socializing, talking to people, being there wherever someone needs help, seeing everything gets fixed – it’s something very nice.”

Eduardo Aguirre Serrata

And if there was any doubt before, Eduardo feels completely part of the Ram Family now.

“Angelo State feels like home,” he said. “The Ram Fam is very united. Since the campus is a little bit smaller, you know a ton of people. It’s fun to see the network connections you have across campus.”

“Here, it’s a family. I really like ASU – I love being here.”

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