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Interlibrary Loan Unit

The Interlibrary Loan-Document Delivery Unit works to obtain and deliver physical and digital materials from other libraries to the ASU community.

InterLibrary Loan - Book Request Form

ILL Article / Chapter Request Form

For information about the status of any of your pending ILL requests, please contact our ILL staff via email at

Since most ILL items received electronically are in PDF format, visit the ADOBE Reader troubleshooting web page for quick tips on how to view PDF files on the web.

On occasion, an ILL request may encounter a technical glitch that prevents it from reaching our ILL staff. With this in mind, we strongly encourage you to ALWAYS keep a record of all your ILL requests.
Check items off your list as they are received to help you keep track of what has been processed and what has not.
Please notify our staff if you received a confirmation message stating that, “your request was submitted successfully” but are not contacted about your item(s) within a week from the submission date.

Read about copyright term and public domain in the United States at Cornell University’s Copyright Information Center web site.