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CIRCULATING COLLECTIONS (including Best Sellers, Closed Stacks, E-books/eb, Oversize Books, Paperbacks, Professional Reading Area, & Remote Circulating)

CB417 .C36 2019 – Claeys, G. (Ed.). (2019). The Cambridge companion to nineteenth-century thought. Cambridge University Press.

D756.5.N6 R93 2019 – Atkinson, R. (Ed.). (2019). Cornelius Ryan: The longest day; A bridge too far; other World War II writings. The Library of America.

D810.J4 S8 1994 – Stiffel, F. (1994). The tale of the ring: A kaddish: A personal memoir of the Holocaust. (Commemorative ed.). Pushcart Press.

E645 .C697 2019 – Clinton, C. (Ed.). (2019). Confederate statues and memorialization. The University of Georgia Press.

F1391.T2795 A45 2002 – Aceves Villa, R. (2002). Personajes tepatitlenses: Mi vida es una novela. (3rd ed.). Consejo de Cronistas de Tepatitlán.

F1391.T289 G35 2006 – Gallegos Franco, F. (2006). Historia mínima de Tepatitlán. Consejo de Cronistas de Tepatitlán.

GR115.5.T47 G35 2006 – Gallegos Franco, F. (2006). Leyendas de Tepatitlán. Consejo de Cronistas de Tepatitlán.

HD9715.A2 L423 2019 – LeFevre, M. A. (2019). Managing design: Conversations, project controls, and best practices for commercial design and construction projects. Wiley.

HD9993.E452 B69 2019 – Boyd, S. G., Pyne, B., & Kane, S. F. (2019). Video game law: Everything you need to know about legal and business issues in the game industry. CRC Press.

HM741 .S535 2019 – Sheldon, P., Rauschnabel, P. A., & Honeycutt, J. M. (2019). Dark side of social media: Psychological, managerial, and societal perspectives. Academic Press/Elsevier.

HV555.U6 R46 2016 – Remes, J. A. C. (2016). Disaster citizenship: Survivors, solidarity, and power in the progressive era. University of Illinois Press.

HV4708 .C36 2019 – Campbell, M. L. H. (2019). Animals, ethics and us: A veterinary’s view of human-animal interactions. 5m Publishing.

HV6561 .M555 2019 – Miller, C. (2019). Know my name: A memoir. Viking.

JA84.U5 H57 2019 – Frost, B., & Sikkenga, J. (Eds.) (2019). History of American political thought. (2nd ed.). Lexington Books.

JZ1305 .B353 2016 – Baldwin, D. A. (2016). Power and international relations: A conceptual approach. Princeton University Press.

JZ1980 .B87 2019 – Buszynski, L. (2019). Geopolitics and the western Pacific: China, Japan and the US. Routledge.

LA229 .S67 2019 – Morgan, D. L., & Davis, C. H. F. III. (Eds.). (2019). Student activism, politics, and campus climate in higher education. Routledge.

LB1060 .M433 2019 – McTighe, J. (2019). Upgrade your teaching: Understanding by design meets neuroscience. ASCD.

LB1072 .A75 2019 – Armstrong, T. (2019). Mindfulness in the classroom: Strategies for promoting concentration, compassion, and calm. ASCD.

LB2324 .C65 2019 – Akens, C., Wright-Mair, R., & Stevenson, J. M. (Eds.). (2019). College students and their environments: Understanding the role student affairs educators play in shaping campus environments. Thomas Publisher.

LB2343.4 .R47 2019 – Abes, E., Jones, S., & Steward, D-L. (Eds.). (2019). Rethinking college student development theory using critical frameworks. Stylus Publishing.

LB2805 .F846 2019 – Fullan, M., & Kirtman, L. (2019). Coherent school leadership: Forging clarity from complexity. ASCD.

LB2831.92 .S69 2019 – Spillane, J. P., & Lowenhaupt, R. (2019). Navigating the principalship: Key insights for new and aspiring school leaders. ASCD.

LC1200 .J88 2019 – Jung, L. A., et al. (2019). Your students, my students, our students: Rethinking equitable and inclusive classrooms. ASCD.

LC4704.73 .E77 2019 – Edmonds, R. Z., Gandhi, A. G., & Danielson, L. (Eds.). (2019). Essentials of intensive intervention. The Guilford Press.

M1503.H36 X47 1958 – Händel, G. F. (Composer). (1958). Xerxes: Oper in 3 Akten = Serse : Opera in tre atti [Vocal score] (2nd ed.). Deutscher Verlag für Musik. (Original work published 1738)

M1503.V484 B25 – Verdi, G. (Composer). (n.d.). Un ballo in maschera = Ein Maskenball, No. 4252 [Vocal score]. Edition Peters. (Original work published 1859)

M1503.W134 R56 1980 – Wagner, R. (Composer), & Singer, O. (Librettist). (1980). Die Walküre, No. 4508 [Vocal score]. Edition Breitkopf. (Original work published 1870)

M2023.H42 T4 1959 – Haydn, J. (Composer), & Trötzmüller, K (Librettist). (1959). Te Deum for the Empress Marie Therese (1799/1800): Mixed chorus, organ and orchestra [Vocal score]. Ludwig Doblinger. (Original work published 1799)

ML159 .L36 2017 – Lambert, K. (2017). Watch listen & learn (3rd ed.). Kendall Hunt Publishing.

ML200 .B76 2012 – Brown, M. (2012). Roots: American music. National Social Science Press.

ML390 .M87 – Bacharach, A. L. (Ed.). (1957-1958). The music masters. (Vols. 1, 3). Penguin Books.

N7793.V66 G34 1998 – Gallegos Franco, F. (1998). Los retablos del Señor de la Misericordia de Tepatitlán. Consejo de Cronistas de Tepatitlán.

ND237.H667 A4 2003 – Wilkin, K., & Hofman, H. (2003). Hans Hofmann: A retrospective. Naples Museum of Art.

ND623.C26 A4 2004 – Pomella, A. (Ed.). (2004). Caravaggio: Art courses. (English ed.). ATS Italia Editrice.

ND1135 .G86 2012 – Guo, Y. (Artist) (2012). Paintings. Baltimore Press.

NK807 .N4 197019th-century America: furniture and other decorative arts: An exhibition in celebration of the hundredth anniversary of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, April 16 through September 7, 1970. (1970). The Metropolitan Museum of Art.

PA25.L65 M46 2019 – Race, W. H. (Ed. and Trans.). (2019). Menander Rhetor. (Dionysius of Halicarnassus), Ars rhetorica. Harvard University Press.

PN56.H79 C36 2019 – Parikh, C. (Ed.). (2019). The Cambridge companion to human rights and literature. Cambridge University Press.

PN4784.D57 H43 2020 – Healey, J. (2020). Trauma reporting: A journalist’s guide to covering sensitive stories. Routledge.

PR275.L35 C36 2019 – Barrington, C., & Sobecki, S. (Eds.). (2019). The Cambridge companion to medieval English law and literature. Cambridge University Press.

PR881 .C347 2019 – Boxall, P. (Ed.). (2019). The Cambridge companion to British fiction: 1980-2018. Cambridge University Press.

PR2888 .C3 v. 72 – Smith, E. (Ed.). (2019). Shakespeare and war. Cambridge University Press.

PR3011 .C285 2019 – Hamlin, H. (Ed.). (2019). The Cambridge companion to Shakespeare and religion. Cambridge University Press.

PR3072 .C36 2019 – Magnusson, L., & Schalkwyk, D. (Eds.) (2019). The Cambridge companion to Shakespeare’s language. Cambridge University Press.

PR5684 .T47 2019 – Trollope, A. (2019). The three clerks. ELS Editions.

PR6063.C4 Z625 2019 – Head, D. (Ed.). (2019). The Cambridge companion to Ian McEwan. Cambridge University Press.

PS2382 .P37 2019 – Parker, H. (Ed.). (2019). Herman Melville - Complete poems: Battle-pieces and aspects of the war; Clarel; John Marr and other sailors; Timoleon; Posthumous and Unpublished. The Library of America.

PS2971 .M35 2019 – Mallon, T. (Ed.). (2019). Booth Tarkington: Novels & stories. The Library of America.

PS3509.L43 P64 1925 (Closed Stacks) – Eliot, T. S. (1925). Poems 1909-1925. Faber & Gwyer.

PS3509.L43 P64 1951 (Closed Stacks) – Eliot, T. S. (1951). Poetry and drama. Harvard University Press

PS3509.L43 P65 1941 (Closed Stacks) – Eliot, T. S. (1941). Points of view. Faber & Faber.

PS3545.R815 Z6127 2019 – Carpio, G. R. (Ed.). (2019). The Cambridge companion to Richard Wright. Cambridge University Press.

Q335 .A778 2019Artificial intelligence: The insights you need from Harvard Business Review. (2019). Harvard Business Press.

QA76.73.J38 X53 2019 – Xiao, P. (2019). Practical Java programming for IOT, AI, and BLOCKCHAIN. Wiley.

QH361 .L454 2019 – Leigh, E. G. (2019). Nature strange and beautiful: How living beings evolved and made the earth a home. Yale University Press.

QK475 .W59513 2016 – Wohlleben, P. (2016). The hidden life of trees: What they feel, how they communicate: Discoveries from a secret world (J. Billinghurst, Trans.). David Suzuki Institute.

R726 .P496 2015 – Battin, M. P., Rhodes, R., & Silbers, A. (Eds.). (2015). Physician assisted suicide: Expanding the debate. Routledge.

RJ506.D4 D53 2014 – Diamond, G. S., Diamond, G. M., & Levy, S. A. (2014). Attachment-based family therapy for depressed adolescents. American Psychological Association.

RT41 .N87 2019 – Patton, R. M., Zalon, M. L., & Ludwick, R. (Eds.). (2019). Nurses making policy: From bedside to boardroom (2nd ed.). Springer.

TA347.A78 E365 2019 – Agrawal, A., Gans, J., & Goldfarb, A. (Eds.). (2019). The economics of artificial intelligence: An agenda. The University of Chicago Press.

TK5105.59 .V358 2019 – Van Puyvelde, D., & Brantly, A. (2019). Cybersecurity: Politics, governance and conflict in cyberspace. Polity Press.

U42.5 .C66 2019 – Sambaluk, N. M. (Ed.). (2019). Conflict in the 21st century: The impact of cyber warfare, social media, and technology. ABC-CLIO.

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BF637.M56 P37 2018 – Parent, J., & Parent, N. (2018). A walk in the wood: Meditations on mindfulness with a bear named Pooh (1st hardcover ed.). Disney Editions.

BP186.4 .E55 2018 – Eliot, H. (2018). Ramadan (Rashin, Illustrator) Little Simon.

E241.B9 O74 2018 – Orgill, R. (2018). Siege: How General Washington kicked the British out of Boston and launched a revolution. Candlewick Press.

E241.D2 M67 2018 – Marisico, K. (2018). Sybil Ludington’s Revolutionary War story (T. Girard, Illustrator). Lerner Publications.

E807.1.R48 C68 2018 – Cooper, I. (2018). Eleanor Roosevelt: Fighter for justice: Her impact on the civil rights movement, the White House, and the world. Abrams Books for Young Readers.

GT2860 .M54 2019 – Mihaly, C., & Heavenrich, S. (2019). Diet for a changing climate: Food for thought. Twenty-First Century Books.

GT4995.A4 E54 2018 – Eliot, H. (2018). Día de los Muertos (J. Gutierrez, Illustrator). Little Simon.

HM646 .D57 2018 – DiPiazza, F. D. (2018). Fandom: Fic writers, vidders, gamers, artists, and cosplayers (S. L. Panczyszyn, Illustrator). Twenty-First Century Books.

HV6534.S33 K68 2018 – Kovatch, J. (2018). 59 hours. Simon Pulse.

PE1591 .O67 2019Opposites: Early learning at the Museum. (2019). Nosy Crow.

PS586.3 .B86 2018 – Hopkins, L. B. (Ed.). (2018). A bunch of punctuation (S. Block, Illustrator). WordSong.

PS595.S34 S36 2018 – Hopkins, L. B. (Ed.). (2018). School people (E. Shi, Illustrator). WordSong.

PS647.A35 W4 2018 – Hudson, W., & Hudson, C. W. (Eds.). (2018). We rise, we resist, we raise our voices. Crown Books for Young Readers.

PS3612.A54646 A6 2018 – Lambert, M. (2018). Shame is an ocean I swim across. Feiwel & Friends.

PS3613.O68 Z46 2018 – Morales, Y. (2018). Dreamers. Neal Porter Books/Holiday House.

PZ7.B18122 M67 2014 – Baldacchino, C. (2014). Morris Micklewhite and the tangerine dress (I. Malenfant, Illustrator). Groundwood Books.

PZ7.B26154 C76 2017 – Barnes, D. (2017). Crown: An ode to the fresh cut (G. C. James, Illustrator). Bolden.

PZ7.B275366 B37 2018 – Barretta, G. (2018). The bass plays the bass and other homographs. Holt.

PZ7.B3804 W33 2018 – Beardshaw, R. (2018). Walk and see: ABC. Nosy Crow.

PZ7.B3804 W336 2018 – Beardshaw, R. (2018). Walk and see: Colors. Nosy Crow.

PZ7.B3804 W366 2018 – Beardshaw, R. (2018). Walk and see: 123. Nosy Crow.

PZ7.B3804 W367 2018 – Beardshaw, R. (2018). Walk and see: Opposites. Nosy Crow.

PZ7.B3805795 P74 2018 – Beaumont, K. (2018). Pretty kitty (S. Laberis, Illustrator). Holt.

PZ7.B5319 H45 2018 – Blackall, S. (2018). Hello lighthouse. Little, Brown.

PZ7.B6338 T46 2018 – Boelts, M. (2018). Esos zapatos (N. Z. Jones, Illustrator, T. Mlawer, Trans.). Candlewick Press.

PZ7.B64632 T9 2007 – Booth, C. (2007). Tyrell. PUSH/Scholastic.

PZ7.B73779 S7 2018 – Braun, S. (2018). Stomp! Stomp! With big flaps to lift!. Nosy Crow.

PZ7.B7965 B6 2018 – Brooks, K. (2018). Born scared. Candlewick Press.

PZ7.B814224 B7 2018 – Brown, J. (2018). Break us. Katherine Tegen Books.

PZ7.B814224 P4 2018 – Brown, J. (2018). Pennybaker School is revolting (M. Kissi, Illustrator). Bloomsbury Children’s Books.

PZ7.B81984 H5 2018 – Browne, A. (2018). Hide and seek. Candlewick Press.

PZ7.B82832 B34 2012 – Bruel, N. (2012). Bad Kitty for president. Roaring Brook Press.

PZ7.C21694 M7 2017 – Carman, P. (2017). Mr. Gedrick and me. Katherine Tegen Books.

PZ7.C6665 S25 2018 – Cohn, R., & Levithan, D. (2018). Sam & Ilsa’s last hurrah. Knopf.

PZ7.C673494 E53 2014 – Cole, K. (2014). Endless knight. Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers.

PZ7.C688 S25 2018 – Cotter, W. S. (2018). Saint Philomene’s infirmary for magical creatures. Godwin Books.

PZ7.C716365 I4 2018 – Colón, R. (2018). Imagine! Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers.

PZ7.C78285 C36 2016 – Cooner, D. (2016). Can’t look away. Scholastic.

PZ7.C83175 S65 2019– Cousins, L. (2019). Splish, splash, Ducky! Candlewick Press.

PZ7.C83175 W44 2018– Cousins, L. (2018). Where is Little Fish? Lift the flaps to find him. Candlewick Press.

PZ7.C885382 L5 2018 – Crowder, M. (2018). The lighthouse between the worlds. Atheneum Books for Young Readers.

PZ7.C887 M5 2018 – Crowley, K. M. (2018). The Misfits club. Feiwel & Friends.

PZ7.C839455 S7 1999 – Coy, J. (1999). Strong to the hoop (L. Jean-Bart, Illustrator). Lee & Low Books.

PZ7.C94137 M33 2016 – Curtis, C. P. (2016). The madman of Piney Woods. Scholastic.

PZ7.D3177 V5 – Davis, T. (2015). Vision quest. Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers.

PZ7.D3615 B6 2018 – de Fombelle, T. (2018). The book of pearl (S. Ardizzone & S. Gordon, Translators). Candlewick Press.

PZ7.D4506 F68 2018 – Desir, C. (2018). Four-letter word. Simon Pulse.

PZ7.D47 C8 2018 – DeStefano, L. (2018). The cursed sea. Balzer + Bray.

PZ7.D493 G8 2016 – Deuker, C. (2016). Gutless. Houghton Mifflin Harcourt.

PZ7.D5455 L6 2018 – DiCamillo, K. (2018). Louisiana’s way home. Candlewick Press.

PZ7.D57342 H4 2018 – Diesen, D. (2018). Hello, fall! (L. Fleming, Illustrator). Farrar, Straus & Giroux.

PZ7.D7114 S7 2018 – Dominguez, A. (2018). Stella Díaz has something to say. Roaring Brook Press.

PZ7.D72653 M46 2018 – Duncan, A. F. (2018). Memphis, Martin, and the mountaintop: The sanitation strike of 1968 (R. G. Christie, Illustrator). Calkins Creek.

PZ7.D78325 P36 2013 – Draper, S. M. (2013). Panic. Atheneum Books for Young Readers.

PZ7.D79 L5 2018 – Driscoll, L. (2018). Louise and the class pet (K. Light, Illustrator). Balzer & Bray.

PZ7.D93436 V47 2013 – Durst, S. B. (2013). Vessel. Margaret K. McElderry Books.

PZ7.E5853 A59 2018 – Emerson, K. (2018). Any second. Crown Books for Young Readers.

PZ7.F3546 R4 2018 – Fergus, M. (2018). The Reptile Club (E. Ellis, Illustrator.) Kids Can Press.

PZ7.F495678 T78 2018 – Fine, S. (2018). The true queen. Margaret K. McElderry Books.

PZ7.F59936 E54 2018 – Fleming, C. (2018). Eleanor Roosevelt’s in my garage! (M. Fearing, Illustrator). Schwartz & Wade Books.

PZ7.F7285 K38 2018 – Foley, G. (2018). Kat writes a song. Little Simon.

PZ7.G2588 I24 2018 – Gehl, L. (2018). I got a chicken for my birthday (S. Horne, Illustrator). Carolrhoda Books.

PZ7.G293463 I5 2018 – Gephart, D. (2018). In your shoes. Delacorte Press.

PZ7.G3375 B5 2018 – Gewirtz, A. R. (2018). Blue window. Candlewick Press.

PZ7.G7667574 B4 2018 – Grant, J. (2018). Bear’s scare. Bloomsbury.

PZ7.G77525 B5 2018 – Graves, R. (2018). The big green book (M. Sendak, Illustrator). Harper Collins.

PZ7.G8233 P37 2008 – Green, J. (2008). Paper towns. Dutton Books.

PZ7.G8445 R33 2018 – Greenfield, A. B. (2018). Ra the mighty: Cat detective (S. Horne, Illustrator). Holiday House.

PZ7.H1164 C43 2018 – Haddix, M. P. (2018). Children of Jubilee. Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers.

PZ7.H1164 S8 2018 – Haddix, M. P. (2018). The summer of broken things. Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers.

PZ7.H12837 S66 2018 – Halbrook, K. D. (2018). Smoke and mirrors. Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers.

PZ7.H1295 S9 2018 – Hale, B. (2018). Syd Hoff’s Danny and the dinosaur: The big sneeze. HarperCollins.

PZ7.H26756 B6 2018 – Harvey, J. W. (2018). Boats on the bay (G. McFerrin, Illustrator). Cameron Kids.

PZ7.H534962 W43 2018 – Higgins, R. T. (2018). We don’t eat our classmates! Disney·Hyperion.

PZ7.H5648 W5 2018 – Hillyer, L. (2018). Winter glass. HarperTeen.

PZ7.H55743 W45 2018 – Hill, S. L. (2018). When your llama needs a haircut (D. Wiseman, Illustrator). Little Simon.

PZ7.H55743 W46 2018 – Hill, S. L. (2018). When your monkeys won’t go to bed. Little Simon.

PZ7.H66493 R43 2018 – Hodkin, M. (2018). The reckoning of Noah Shaw. Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers.

PZ7.H956632 E9 2018 – Hurley, J. (2018). Every color soup. Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers.

PZ7.H96183 A66 2018 – Hutchinson, S. D. (2018). The apocalypse of Elena Mendoza. Simon Pulse.

PZ7.J1529 D65 2018 – Jacobson, J. R. (2018). The dollar kids (R. Andrews, Illustrator). Candlewick Press.

PZ7.J720453 A7 2018 – Jones, K. (2018). Are you ready to hatch an unusual chicken? (K. Kath, Illustrator). Knopf.

PZ7.K116463 F56 2018 – Kade, S. (2018). Finding Felicity. Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers.

PZ7.K1166 C44 2018 – Kadohata, C. (2018). Checked (M. Zorat, Illustrator). Atheneum Books for Young Readers.

PZ7.K1447 M4 2016 – Karo, A. (2016). Me you us. Simon Pulse.

PZ7.K1642 O2 2018 – Kaufman, A., & Kristoff, J. (2018). Obsidio (M. Lu, Illustrator). Knopf.

PZ7.K5428 B4 2018 – Kiernan, C. (2018). Begone the raggedy witches. Candlewick Press.

PZ7.K6797 H6 2018 – Kline, S. (2018). Horrible Harry says goodbye (A. Wummer, Illustrator). Viking.

PZ7.K81768 G37 2018 – Koehler, F. (2018). Garbage island. Boyds Mills Press.

PZ7.L1815 K56 2018 – Laminack, L. L. (2018). The king of bees (J. LaMarche, Illustrator). Peachtree.

PZ7.L26113 C4 2018 – Lange, E. J. (2018). The chaos of now. Bloomsbury.

PZ7.L372745 S8 2015 – Lauren, C. (2015). Sublime. New York, NY: Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers.

PZ7.L618 G6 2018 – Lies, B. (2018). Got to get to Bear’s! Houghton Mifflin Harcourt.

PZ7.L7724 B68 2018 – Llewellyn, T. (2018). The bottle imp of Bright House (G. Grimly, Illustrator). Holiday House.

PZ7.L96775 C44 2018 – Lubar, C. (2018). Check out the library weenies, and other warped and creepy tales. Starscape.

PZ7.L979739 K56 2016 – Lynch, C. (2016). Killing time in Crystal City. Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers.

PZ7.M2178 U5 2018 – Mackler, C. (2018). The universe is expanding and so am I. Bloomsbury.

PZ7.M2695 V4 2018 – Mafi, T. (2018). A very large expanse of sea. Harper.

PZ7.M47879 I3 2018 – McMullan, K. (2018). If you were my bunny (D. McPhail, Illustrator). Cartwheel Books.

PZ7.M47815 L4 2014 – Mazzio, J. (2014). Leaving Eldorado. Houghton Mifflin Harcourt.

PZ7.M47825255 M57 2018 – McAnulty, S. (2018). The miscalculations of Lightning Girl. Random House.

PZ7.M47826 H47 2018 – McBratney, S. (2018). Here I am: A finger puppet book (A. Jeram, Illustrator). Candlewick Press.

PZ7.M47841325 S76 2018 – McCartney, J. (2018). The stone bird. Andersen Press USA.

PZ7.M478752 N5 2010 – McMahon, K. (2010). Ni hao, friends (W. Sweeney, Illustrator). Simon Spotlight/Nickelodeon.

PZ7.M478757 V5 2015 – McMann, L. (2015). Visions: Crash; Bang, Gasp. Simon Pulse.

PZ7.M47879343 D56 2018 – McNamara, M. (2018). The dinosaur expert (G. B. Kara, Illustrator). Schwartz & Wade Books.

PZ7.M5168 M4 2018 – Melvin, A. (2018). Me and you: A book of opposites. Tate Publishing.

PZ7.M5168 M9 2018 – Melvin, A. (2018). My day: A book of actions. Tate Publishing.

PZ7.M571737 A73 2018 – Meyer, M. (2018). Archenemies. Feiwel & Friends.

PZ7.M6033 P4 2018 – Millard, G. (2018). Pea pod lullaby (S. M. King, Illustrator). Candlewick Press.

PZ7.M7495 F5 2018 – Monir, A. (2018). The final six. HarperTeen.

PZ7.M918454 R6 2016 – Mulligan, A. (2016). Ribblestrop forever! Life is dangerous. Beach Lane Books.

PZ7.M918454 T7 2011 – Mulligan, A. (2011). Trash. Ember.

PZ7.M992 D67 2010 – Myers, W. D. (2010). Dope sick. Amistad.

PZ7.N15 H8 2018 – Napoli, D. J. (2018). Hunger. Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers.

PZ7.O1267 S6 2018 – O’Brien, A. S. (2018). Someone new. Charlesbridge.

PZ7.O168 A24 2015 – Ockler, S. (2015). #scandal. Simon Pulse.

PZ7.O4137 W37 2018 – O’Hearn, K. (2018). War of the realms: A Valkyrie novel. Aladdin.

PZ7.O475 B7 2018 – Oliver, L. (2018). Broken things. Harper.

PZ7.O9815 C36 2018 – Oxley, J., & Aronson, B. (2018). The camp problem. Candlewick Entertainment.

PZ7.O9815 E3 2018 – Oxley, J., & Aronson, B. (2018). The Eid al-Adha adventure. Candlewick Entertainment.

PZ7.P27653 D6 2018 – Patterson, J. (2018). Dog diaries: A middle school story (R. Watson, Illustrator) Jimmy Patterson Books.

PZ7.P4235 G6 2018 – Percival, T. (2018). Goat’s coat (C. Pym, Illustrator). Bloomsbury Children’s Books.

PZ7.P61464 L5 1997 – Pierce, T. (1997). Lioness rampant. Random House.

PZ7.P689 G7 2018 – Pitman, H. C. (2018). A grain of rice. Delacorte Press.

PZ7.P8888 T7 2015 – Pratt, N. (2015). Trouble. Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers.

PZ7.R24534 B84 2018 – Redmond, E. S. (2018). Bug Blonsky and his very long list of don’ts. Candlewick Press.

PZ7.R337645 W67 2018 – Reynolds, P. H. (2018). The word collector. Orchard Books.

PZ7.R71992 A58 2018 – Ross, T. (2018). An anty-war story. Andersen Press.

PZ7.S1304 O4 2018 – Sage, J. (2018). Old Misery (R. Ayto, Illustrator). Kids Can Press.

PZ7.S1949 S4 2018 – Sánchez-Korrol, V. (2018). The season of rebels and roses. Piñata Books.

PZ7.S2798 D4 2018 – Scanlon, L. G., & Vernick, A. (2018). Dear substitute (C. Raschka, Illustrator). Disney·Hyperion.

PZ7.S3315 C535 2018 – Schaefer, C. L. (2018). Ciao, Baby! In the park (L. Tobia, Illustrator). Candlewick Press.

PZ7.S3315 C537 2018 – Schaefer, C. L. (2018). Ciao, Baby! Ready for a ride (L. Tobia, Illustrator). Candlewick Press.

PZ7.S37845 M4 2018 – Schrefer, E. (2018). Mez’s magic. Katherine Tegan Books.

PZ7.S4544 F4 2018 – Sehgal, K., & Sehgal, S. (2018). Festival of colors (V. Harrison, Illustrator). Beach Lane Books.

PZ7.S4652 P5 2015 – Selzer, A. (2015). Play me backwards.Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers.

PZ7.S55987 U53 2015 – Shusterman, N. (2015). UnDivided. Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers.

PZ7.S55987 U59 2007 – Shusterman, N. (2007). Unwind. Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers.

PZ7.S5773 G7 2018 – Sierra, J. (2018). The great dictionary caper (E. Comstock, Illustrator). Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers.

PZ7.S58625 B5 1995 – Silverman, E. (1995). Big pumpkin (S. D. Schindler, Illustrator). Aladdin Paperbacks.

PZ7.S64257 R33 2014 – Smith, A. (2018). Rabbit & Robot. Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers.

PZ7.S64464 H4 2018 – Smith, C. L. (2018). Hearts unbroken. Candlewick Press.

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