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Special Library Services & Fees

Services Cost
Interlibrary Loan* no charge
Community borrower’s card $50.00
Transparencies $0.25/ea.
Microform printouts (self-service) $0.10/page
Custom microform printouts (by library staff): From the traditional reader/printer

$3.00 (up to 10 pages)
Additional pages $0.20/page
From the digital scanner $1.00/page
Laminations: 1/2 sheet $0.50/ea.
Up to 8.5 x 11 $0.75/ea.
Up to 11 x 17 $1.50/ea.
Photos: Publication fee to “for profits” $50.00
8x10 $12.00
11x14 $24.00
Scanned and printed on plain paper or saved on customer’s digital media $3.00
Department Copies** Black & White $0.05/page
Color $0.10/page
Thesis Binding (fee dependent on vendor charges) (optional) $15.00

* If the lending library assesses a fee, that is passed on to ASU requestor.

**Department Copies refers to photocopies provided by Library Staff for ASU Departments only.

For information on fine, damage, replacement, and other library fees and costs, please see PPM # 4 and the Circulation Policy Grid.