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Pre-Departure Planning

Once you’ve been accepted into one of our study abroad programs, it’s time to start prepping for your trip.

Our office works hard to coordinate as many of your travel and study details as possible, but we still rely on you to help with the process. Please make sure you have reviewed all of the material listed below.

Passport Services: You can’t leave the country without your passport! If you don’t have one yet, our Passport Services Office can get you going.

Participation Requirements: To get the maximum number of credit hours available for your time abroad, you need to complete all these requirements before you leave.

Checklist: Feeling a little overwhelmed and don’t know where to start? Use this checklist to ensure that you’ve done everything to prepare for your time abroad.

Helpful Resource

Check out the U.S. State Department’s study abroad website to learn how to travel smart. The website also offers guidance about travel documents, health and embassies, among other information.

Study Abroad Tips

Here’s some helpful advice we’ve compiled about choosing a study abroad program, as well as what you should expect while you’re abroad.