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You may choose to study abroad during the summer terms or choose one of our semester or academic year programs.

Study Abroad Programs are Open to Students of All Majors

Students on a beach in Greece holding up an ASU flag

Summer Programs

Summer programs are ideal for students who are studying abroad for the first time. These programs last about a month and feature courses taught by ASU faculty members who travel with students.

Student riding a donkey in Greece

Summer Culture Programs

Summer Culture programs offer a remarkable and exhilarating international experience that will allow students to immerse themselves in the local cultures of a variety of destinations.

Group of students standing for a picture in England

Winter Programs

Occasionally, a winter study abroad program becomes available. These two weeks or less programs provide great opportunities for a more intensive and hands-on experience in another country.

Group of students listening to a tour guide in Portugal

Semester and Academic Year Programs

Semester programs are a good option for undergraduate students who want to study abroad for three to four months. These programs offer a greater selection of coursework, and students are not accompanied by faculty directors. Skills in languages other than English may be required.