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Summer Culture Programs

Summer Culture programs are designed for ASU students who want to learn more about Korean culture, history, society and business, as well as the Korean language. Culture programs usually consist of a broad knowledge of various classes and subjects, which are appropriate for most any student. The programs also include excursions, demonstrations and activities, as well as historical and cultural site visits.

Additionally, culture program participants are equipped with a broad understanding of other cultures. Since culture program participants come from all over the world, students share a wide range of cultural interests, backgrounds and traditions, which facilitates respect and acceptance among people with unfamiliar backgrounds.

If you are interested in participating in a Summer Culture Program, please apply through RamPort. Please do not apply directly to the program institution – you must be nominated by ASU before your application would be accepted at the host institution.

Once the Center for International Studies receives your application, we will contact you for an appointment to meet with a representative in our office for additional information and instruction.