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Cheer Judge Request

Request the members of the ASU Cheerleading Squad to judge your high school or junior high school cheerleading tryouts.

Judging Fee: $65 per judge and $.52/mile to the judge who drives

Unavailable Dates: March 20-25, 2021

We will also have limited spots available Nov. 22 - Jan. 4, 2021, as our university is on winter break at this time. 

Payment Information: All checks will be made payable to “Angelo State University Cheer” for the total amount of $65 x number of judges. An additional check for their mileage will need to be cut specifically to the judge who drives. 

Please note, this is a change from years prior when judges were paid individually. 

Confirmation: A confirmation email will be sent to the email address provided within 10 business days of the request. If we are unable to fulfill a tryout request for the date and time selected, we will give you the opportunity to choose a different date and time.

Please note, we will not be accepting any more requests for judges for the remainder of the 2021 season, as our schedule is full. If you have a request for 2022, please go ahead and submit it below. 

Use this form to request the members of the  ASU Cheer Team to judge your high school or junior high school cheerleading tryouts. Please make your request at least 2 weeks prior to your tryouts.  Our cheerleaders will not be available to judge tryouts during the week before 12 p.m. due to class obligations.  You will be contacted by an ASU Cheer Coach to confirm your tryouts with ASU judges within 14 days of your submission. 

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