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Gold and Blue Teams

During the 2023-2024 season, Angelo State University will hold tryouts for two cheer teams to better serve our campus. The groups will be known as the Gold Team and the Blue Team.

Cheerleaders at the Homecoming Ram Jam

Gold Team

The gold team will attend all home football games, men’s basketball games, skill-related program events, and away and post-season games as requested. The team will be comprised of 20 members and will be the preferred team to compete at NCA College Nationals in April 2024.

The team will be required to practice six hours a week. This will include six skilled-focused team practices. Team members will also be required to attend two hours of study hall.

This team will have a more skills-focused setting. Team members will be expected to have at a minimum, a running or standing back handspring —unless they have a higher skill set in a needed area. Stunting skill level required for the team will depend on the skills displayed at tryouts in the stunting section.

Cheerleaders performing at a Ram Jam tailgate

Blue Team

The blue team will attend all home volleyball games, football games, and women’s basketball games. The team will also attend select Admissions, Office of Development, and San Angelo and campus community events.

The team will be comprised of twelve members and be campus spirit based. Team members will not be required to have tumbling experience. Members will be required to attend practice four hours a week and attend two hours of study hall every week.

If a student is selected for the Blue team and would like to transition to the Gold team, they can be considered for a spot based on availability and the coach’s discretion. Interested students can be placed on a waiting list that will be based on tryout scores. If a spot on the Gold team becomes available, the head cheer coach will evaluate the skill level of interested members.

 Required Forms

Students interested in trying out for either team are required to submit the following documents to be eligible:

Tryout Dates and Location

Tryout Format and Attire

Round One

All applicants are required to submit a tryout application and required
paperwork to be considered.

Videos are required to be submitted as a YouTube link. Please submit links
using the ASU Cheer Video Tryout Submission Form.

Video submissions for Round One must be submitted by the deadlines outlined below:

Video Format

Round Two (In Person)

Candidates will take part in an open practice-style format where they will review the Sideline Cheer, ASU Fight Song, and Band Chant with the current team members.

Videos are posted in the Additional Information section.


In-person tryouts will be held on the dates outlined below:


Along with the above categories, candidates can anticipate being evaluated on their intra/interpersonal skills, including but not limited to adaptability, self-management, verbal communication, non-verbal communication, listening skills, and program fit.

Additional Information