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If you want to be part of a group making decisions that have an impact on the ASU campus as a whole, the Student Government Association (SGA) is for you.

If you also would like to be an active part of the Student Body while having other time commitments, participate in our monthly polls that will be available online or on campus as well as attend our general senate meetings that will be held every other Thursday on campus.

SGA initiatives tackle everything from student issues to the strategy and planning of the university’s Master Plan. We also serve as the primary liaison between the Angelo State student body and the administration, faculty and staff, as well as the Texas Tech University System.

SGA Initiatives

We work on a variety of initiatives throughout the year. We also have standing initiatives, such as the Student Discount Program and Ram Family Student Scholarship.

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SGA Senators

Meet your 2023-24 Executive Officers and Senators

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