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Housing Requirements and Exemptions


Single undergraduate students who did not graduate from a Tom Green County high school, who enroll at ASU and carry a total of 12 or more semester credit hours at ASU and who do not live, or continue to live, within 70 miles of San Angelo at the residence of their parent(s), grandparent(s), sibling(s) or guardian(s), are required to reside in university-owned housing for a minimum of two long (fall and spring) semesters.

Transfer students who have completed two long semesters at another institution are not required to live on campus, but should fill out the exemption form and give us the name of the institution from which they are transferring.


Should you like to request an exemption from this requirement, or cancel your housing contract if you have already applied but meet the exemption criteria, please fill out the Request On-Campus Housing Exemption Form.