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On-Campus Housing Exemption Form

Exemption/Cancellation requests must be submitted no later than Aug. 15 for exemptions/cancellations prior to the fall semester, and no later than Jan. 10 for the spring semester.

Submission of this form does not guarantee approval. Students should not make off-campus arrangements until they have received written notice that their request has been approved. Note: Signing a lease for off campus accommodations prior to securing an exemption or fulfilling the housing requirement is not, in and of itself, grounds for exemption.

Under the terms of the Student Housing Contract, students approved to break their contract may be subjected to liquidated damage charges associated with contract breakage. In most instances, this liquidated damage charge is $800.

Exemption Decision and Appeals Process

Should you like to request an exemption from this requirement, or cancel your housing contract if you have already applied but meet the exemption criteria, please login to your MyHousing account and complete the applicable request form.

Exemption/Cancellation Form

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