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RamPoints are a feature included in the cost of the meal plans that allow you to make direct food purchases at all dining locations. To make a purchase with your RamPoints, simply present your ASU OneCard to the attendant and say you would like to use your RamPoints. The attendant will swipe your card and the amount of the purchase will be deducted from your account.

All Gold Plans come with $100 in RamPoints each semester.

Blue Plans also include RamPoints in the following amounts: Blue 80 with $25 in RamPoints, and Blue 120 with $50 in RamPoints.



Are part of the meal plans. Only people who purchase a meal plan have RamPoints.

All currently enrolled students have an active RamBucks account. To use the account, you need to add value (make a deposit). You can add value in the OneCard Office in the General Services Building using cash, check, money order, MC or VISA. You can also add value using cash at the Cash to Card station located in the MCS Room 111 computer lab.

Food purchases at:

  • All dining locations

For these types of purchases:

  • Food at all campus locations
  • Beverages in select vending machines
  • Items at the ASU Bookstore
  • Fines in the Porter Henderson Library
  • Medication, etc., at the University Health Clinic

Unused RamPoints do not roll over to the next semester.

Unused RamBucks carry forward from semester to semester as long as you are enrolled.

RamPoints that have not been used when you leave the university are not refunded.

Balances of $25 or more are refunded when you are no longer enrolled at ASU. Balances of less than $25 will be forfeited.

The meal specifications at ASU are designed with balanced nutrition in mind, but it is the students’ responsibility to choose items that create a healthy diet according to their individual needs.

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