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Faculty/Staff ID Cards

Faculty and staff have two options regarding their official university ID card:

  1. The ASU OneCard functions as your ID card. It can also be used as a debit MasterCard if you deposit funds into a BankMobile Vibe Account.
  2. The Faculty/Staff ID card functions only as an ID card.

You can request your ASU OneCard or Faculty/Staff ID Card in one of two ways:

If you order an ASU OneCard, you will receive your OneCard in approximately seven to 10 business days. When your card arrives, you need to activate it at

If you order a Faculty/Staff ID Card, you should receive that within a couple of business days.

CS Gold AdminWeb Request

AdminWeb is used to set PINs and check and update building access settings. Access is by permission only.

AdminWeb Request

CS Gold Door Access Request

Staff/faculty needing door access for doors not in their area need to complete the request form. Once approval is received by the manager of the requested doors, the access will be added to the staff/faculty’s ID.

Gold Door Access

CS Gold Vendor Building Access Request

Vendors/contractors that require access to any building with an electronic door access system need to complete the request form.

Gold Vendor Access

Questions? Contact us!

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