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Reporting a Lost or Stolen Card

To report a lost or stolen card:

  1. Log in to and sign in using the email address and password that you selected when you activated your card.
  2. Choose User Profile.
  3. Select Address/Phone Number.
  4. Verify that your address is correct. Change it if necessary. The U.S. Postal Service will not forward cards.
  5. Select Card Status.
  6. Click the Report Lost button.
  7. Contact the OneCard Office if you need a temporary card for on-campus use only. You should receive your replacement card within seven days.

When you report your card lost or stolen, it is immediately deactivated to prevent unauthorized use. Cards that have been deactivated cannot be reactivated.

If your card is lost or stolen outside of regular business hours, you will need to come to the OneCard Office during the next business day to obtain a temporary card. Your replacement card will be mailed to the address that you entered on the website.

The cardholder may be held responsible for all transactions until the card is reported lost or stolen. If you notice unauthorized transactions on your statement, immediately contact BankMobile Customer Service at 1-877-278-1919

Angelo State University cannot be held liable for any transactions.