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Rules, Responsibilities and Regulations

  1. Lost or stolen cards must be reported immediately. You can report your card lost by going online to, calling 1-877-278-1919 or coming to the OneCard Office.
  2. Never punch holes in your card or deface it beyond its normal everyday use.
  3. Your ASU OneCard is non-transferable. Only the person pictured on the OneCard is allowed to use the card. The cardholder may be required to sign a receipt for goods received. Allowing someone to use your card or using someone else’s card may subject you to disciplinary action.
  4. Cash cannot be withdrawn from your RamBucks account. However, refunds are available when you officially leave the university by graduating, withdrawing from the university or terminating employment. Refunds are processed according to the preference you selected when activating your OneCard. Balances left in the account carry over to the next semester and from year to year.
  5. The cardholder is responsible for maintaining a valid ASU OneCard that is in proper working condition. Your OneCard is your access device for meal plans, RamPoints, RamBucks and your OneAccount. Your card must be presented at the time of purchase and is the only means of accessing your account. The OneCard Office is located in the General Services Building.
  6. Monthly RamBucks statements are not mailed. Account balances and activity may be viewed by logging in to your myonecard account.
  7. Future changes in terms and conditions regulating the use of the ASU OneCard will apply to all cards in circulation and use at the future date, and supersede the terms and conditions in effect at the time the card was acquired.