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Carr Hall

Get excited to be part of the Ram Family.

When you call Carr Hall home, you’re living in a quaint, close-knit community of students. So close-knit, in fact, that many residents enjoy family-style dinners with their fellow Ram Fam members. While all of our residence halls embody our Ram Fam lifestyle, you’ll build a family within the Ram Family at Carr Hall.

Take a virtual room tour.

Explore a Carr Hall room in 360 degrees.


Carr Hall dorm room interior

Room Features

Each unit features:

  • Semi-private bathroom (you only share with your roommate and suitemates!)

Each person has:

  • Extra-long twin bed
  • Dresser
  • Desk
  • Desk chair
  • Individual closet


2020-21 Double Room Rates
Floor Plan Cost per Student per Year
Two-Bedroom / 1 Bath $4,988

2020-21 Housing Rates

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Up angle of Carr Hall

Make Carr Hall your home.