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The Massies

Become part of the tradition.

When you choose either Robert or Mary Massie Hall, commonly known as The Massies, to be your home, you are entering a warm and welcoming community with a strong tradition of successful intramural teams. You have plenty of opportunities to connect and build your community in our recently renovated lobbies featuring multiple TVs and ping pong tables. You can also take advantage of the hammock farm located just outside.

Take a virtual room tour.

Explore a Massie Hall room in 360 degrees.


Beds in dorm room in Massie Hall

Room Features

Each unit features:

  • Semi-private bathroom (you only share with your roommate!)

Each person has:

  • Extra-long twin bed
  • Dresser
  • Desk
  • Desk chair
  • A closet


2022-23 Double Room Rates
Floor Plan Cost per Year Per Student
One-Bedroom / 1 Bath $5,670

2022-23 housing rates

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Living Learning Communities

Robert Massie Hall is home to the First-Generation Living Learning Community, which gives you the opportunity to connect to other first-generation college students at Angelo State.

Nature shot with dorm rooms in the background

Make The Massies your home.