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Get in a workout at the Ben Kelly Center for Human Performance, take a fitness class, climb the rock wall, or gather a team and play in one of our many intramural leagues.

Overhead view of workout area Student Fitness Center

Whether you’re an athlete, love to work out or just want to stay active, the Ben Kelly Center for Human Performance offers everything you could want in a gym facility. It’s like having a membership in a high-end health club.

Rock wall Outdoor Adventures

Think kayaking, rock climbing, mountain biking or even a ski trip. Take part in all sorts of programs designed for our more “adventurous” students.

Flag football player holding ball


Round up your friends and form a team, or sign up as a free agent. It’s a great way to compete, have fun and make new friends. Plus, we have some of the best recreational sports facilities around!

Students in kayaks on the lake

Outdoor Activities

Go outside, get some sun, hang out with your friends and stay active. Activities and facilities are located all over campus. We even have a Lake House for you to enjoy.

Ram Rugby students playing

Club Sports

Play for ASU against other schools! These teams compete in officially sanctioned leagues, tournaments and events. The teams may also receive funding support from the university for uniforms, travel, etc.