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Get your competitive juices flowing!

Whether you were a high school athlete, just love sports or want to try something new, intramurals are a perfect way to get involved on campus. More than 2,000 of our students compete in 20+ team and individual sports every year, and our program has received national recognition.

Several of our teams regularly compete for regional and national championships. One of our co-ed intramural flag football teams has won six national titles!


All you have to do is pick a sport, form a team and attend a registration meeting to get signed up for free. If you don’t have a team, you can sign up as a free agent. We also supply all the sports gear and equipment you need.

Fall Semester Registration Meetings

Sport Day Date Time Location
Flag Football Tuesday Aug. 31 7 p.m. Cav 100
Badminton Tuesday Sept. 14 7 p.m. Cav 100

Disc Golf

Tuesday Sept. 14 7 p.m. Cav 100


Tuesday Sept. 14 7 p.m. Cav 100


Tuesday Oct. 5 7 p.m. Cav 100


Tuesday Oct. 12 7 p.m. Cav 100
Ultimate Frisbee Tuesday Oct. 12 7:30 p.m. Cav 100
Bowl Pick’em       IM Leagues

Students playing intramural football.


Travel to tournaments and compete against teams from other schools in major intramural sports like flag football, basketball and softball. Basically, you just need to play well, be a good sport and keep your grades up to be eligible. Extramurals are also open to student officials.

Intramural fields

Intramurals Complex

This is where you will play flag football, softball, soccer and rugby. It features multiple fields for each sport, plus artificial turf and lights, so games can go on throughout each fall and spring semester. You can also reserve fields during the off-season.


If you prefer videogame sports, we also have activities for you. Compete against students across campus in Madden, NBA2K20 and FIFA. You will register on the IM Leagues website.