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Outdoor Adventures

Adventure and Education, All in One

This program is designed for our most daring and boldest students. It’s also about more than just having fun. You’ll learn the skills and techniques you need to stay safe while you enjoy the great outdoors.

No experience is necessary. Our trained staff will guide you through your program based on your skill level. So sign up for your adventure today!

Kayaking at sunset on Lake Nasworthy

Outdoor Trips

Get away from campus and have the experience of a lifetime. No experience is necessary, just a positive attitude and a hankering for a great time.

ASU Lake House at sunset

ASU Lake House

Right on the banks of nearby Lake Nasworthy, the ASU Lake House is a popular student hangout that offers a wide variety of activities and equipment, plus areas to just relax and unwind.

Rock wall

Climbing Gym

Everyone from experienced climbers to those who just think it looks like fun love our rock-climbing walls. Can you make it to the top without falling off? Sounds simple, but it’s quite a workout.

Annual Rock Climbing Competition

Student preparing to climb rock wall

Educational Clinics

Develop your technical skills and learn more about adventurous activities in our FREE clinics and safety workshops. Faculty and staff with a UREC Pass can also participate.

Student participating in team building exercises

Team-Building Experiences

These are perfect for any student organizations you join. They are also available to the public.

Equipment Rental

Want to go on your own adventure? You can rent all the equipment you need, from tents, sleeping bags and cooking utensils to kayaks, mountain bikes and climbing gear.