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Round up at least two of your friends and you can sign up for a clinic with our trained instructors. Just allow two weeks of lead time so they can work the clinic around your schedule.

These clinics and safety workshops are FREE for current students and for faculty/staff members with a UREC Pass. You can sign up for one of our signature clinics, or we can work with you on other adventure activities.

Signature Clinics

Introduction to Climbing Movement

Whether you can do 50 pull-ups or none, this clinic will enhance your rock-climbing technique beyond belief. You will learn climbing terminology, proper bouldering and spotting techniques, and how to incorporate balance and core strength into your climbing. (Clinic length: 1.5 hours)

Top Rope Belay

Expand your rock-climbing skills. This clinic helps you avoid the waiting list and teaches you how to effectively belay your climbing partner. Belaying is a technique that protects a climber through the use of rope, harnesses, anchors, carabiners and mechanical friction. The climber’s partner, the belayer, uses this technique to catch, hold and lower the climber should they fall. Climbing equipment is included for clinic participants, but spots are limited. (Clinic length: 2 hours)

Backpacking 101

Are you ready to put more on your back than just your textbooks and laptops? Then come join this workshop where we will cover the essential items to carry, and how to make it all fit. Instructors in this clinic will help you make the difference in your trip from having an ok time, to a memorable experience. You’ll also learn how to choose and fit a backpack. (Clinic length: 1 hour)

Camp Cooking 101

Learn how to cook without a fire extinguisher nearby. This clinic covers everything from lighting a camping stove to some basic meals that are pretty tasty after a long day’s hike. All you need to bring to this activity is an appetite. (Clinic length: 1.5 hours)

Mountain Biking 101

Prepare for your mountain biking experience. Learn essentials such as how to repair a flat, how to replace a bike chain, safety tips, proper bike usage and much more. No mountain will be too high once these basics are learned. (Clinic length: 1 hour)

Boy in harness rock climbs indoors

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