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Dress for Success

Good first impressions are crucial to landing a job. Your level of success will be determined by your interviewer(s), who will begin your evaluation based on several non-verbal cues, such as the style, fit, color and cleanliness of your clothes; your choice of accessories; the firmness of your handshake; your posture; the manner in which you carry yourself; and the degree of your eye contact, enthusiasm and confidence.

The clothing you select is a key indicator of your respect for the interviewers (and the company they represent) as well as how seriously you take the interview itself. The better you dress, the more seriously you will be taken and considered. Not dressing professionally could be taken as an insult or offense.

General Tips Checklist

  1. Wear professional and conservative clothing. Choose apparel that has received favorable feedback from people who are knowledgeable about the industry standard or specific company policy.
  2. Ensure that clothing is clean, pressed and well-fitted.
  3. Wear conservative (dark) shoes that are clean and polished.
  4. Choose accessories that complement your clothing rather than distract from it.
  5. Remove facial and body piercings.
  6. Cover visible tattoos to avoid distraction.
  7. Keep fragrances and jewelry minimal.
  8. Make sure your hair is clean and conservative in color and style.
  9. Less is more. Keep your look simple but classy until you become accustomed to the environment and learn about the company’s dress code.

Tips for Women

Accessories express your personality and accentuate your best features. Keep it simple! Women in general tend to wear too many accessories, such as earrings, necklaces and rings. At the same time, these can accentuate your personality and can be an asset if worn in moderation. Avoid dangling earrings, and wear no more than one ring per hand and a dress watch.

Tips for Men

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