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Job Search Assistance and Strategies

The Search

Your job search activities should begin no later than your junior year. In fact, much can be done during your first two years of college if you know the type of employment you will be seeking.

Use every resource available, including job fairs and career days, internet job postings, networking, the ASU Career Development library, on-campus recruiting and visits with Career Development staff members.

Another excellent resource for developing a job search strategy is the Department of Labor’s Occupational Outlook Handbook. The handbook offers job search tips and information about the job market in each state.

Use the links below for more advice about starting your job search.

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Online Networking

Networking can increase your chances of finding employers who are hiring. Listed below are some social media websites that may help you to expand your networking skills.

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Online Job Search Engines

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More Job Search Assistance

Don’t forget these considerations when you are conducting your job search: