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IT Student Employment

Information Technology delivers many critical services to the ASU community, and student workers are an important part of the team.

IT employs about 70 students throughout all our functional areas.

Develop Professionally and Gain Experience

We are looking for students who want to develop professionally and learn new skills. We are looking for employees ready to take on new responsibilities and challenges. Since the faculty, staff, and students depend on us to deliver services in a timely manner, we need reliable students. We are willing to work around your class schedule, which gives you an opportunity to earn money between classes, evenings, and weekends.

IT will work with students to develop skills they will use throughout their careers. We realize that the university experience is much more than classroom work and strive to develop and promote dedicated students. Many past student employees have said that the experience gained from working in Information Technology was what helped them get their first job after graduation.

As students gain more experience with the IT team and develop new skills in the classroom and on the job, some students will specialize in one of our functional areas or be involved in special projects.

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