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Work or Study Abroad

Work Abroad

Working abroad can improve your foreign language skills, help you network with employers in other countries and allow you to have a better intercultural understanding. The skills you develop may give you an advantage when you return to the United States because knowledge of international business practices is becoming highly valued among employers.

Students and graduates who want to work abroad should start planning early. You may need to save money to help support yourself while you are abroad.

These are all avenues for finding employment abroad:

Job Search Contacts

The U.S. Department of Labor advises you to use the contact information below to begin your employment search.

Interning or volunteering with international nonprofit organizations:
Action Without Borders
360 W. 31st St., Suite 1510
New York, NY 10001

Study abroad programs that offer internships:
Institute of International Education
IIEPassport Study Abroad Directories
1350 Edgmont Ave., Suite 1100
Chester, PA 19013
Toll-free: 877-4040-EDU (404-0338)

Opportunities with the Peace Corps:
Peace Corps
Paul D. Coverdell Peace Corps Headquarters
1111 20th St. N.W.
Washington, DC 20526
Toll-free: 800-424-8580

Teaching English as a second language and related training programs:
Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages Inc.
700 S. Washington St., Suite 200
Alexandria, VA 22314
Toll-free: 888-547-3369

Study, Teach, Volunteer or Intern Abroad
Updated daily with new teaching from around the world and read reviews from post teachers.

International jobs with the federal government:
Office of Personnel Management
(Use the employment information system, USAJOBS.)
Automated telephone system: 703-724-1850, TDD 978-461-8404. These numbers are not toll-free.

Other Resources

Below are a few other sources for finding employment abroad:

Study Abroad

Interested in studying abroad?

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