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Preparing Lectures with Doceri [Videos]

When Dr. Saravanan Ramasamy, assistant professor in the Chemistry and Biochemistry Department, invited me to observe one of his organic chemistry lectures, I was interested in seeing his classroom technology in action.

What I observed was so much more than some cool new technology.

He uses an app called Doceri to help his students better understand complex chemical equations. At the same time, the technology — and his lecture prep efforts — keep the class moving at a healthy pace and provide opportunities for active learning.

As I packed up my video equipment at the end of his lecture, I even got some unsolicited feedback from a student on her way out. She said she wished more of her professors lectured like Ramasamy because it really helps her learn the material. 

Admittedly, Doceri is not for everyone. Users can’t type text on it, and if it’s used in a similar fashion as Ramasamy, it requires significant time for lecture prep. But it is available on both Apple and Windows machines, so that helps.

Watch the video above to see Ramasamy in action in the classroom. You can also watch this short excerpt from one of his Doceri recordings that he makes available in Blackboard for his courses. 

The video below is an interview with Ramasamy about his lecture prep techniques.

Jayna Phinney
Jayna Phinney

Jayna Phinney is the Instructional Technology Specialist for the ASU College of Science and Engineering. Contact her at or 325-486-6264.


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