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Use Qwickly to Post Content Across Multiple Courses [Video]

Do you find yourself spending time duplicating emails and announcements to send to several of your courses? I have a solution for you.

We’ve added a tool called Qwickly in Blackboard that allows you to send emails and post announcements across several courses where you are listed as an instructor. Watch the short video above to see what you need to do to enable Qwickly for your own use.

Don’t have time for the video? Here are the steps from the video in text format:

  1. Go to Customization > Tool Availability
  2. Find Qwickly Tools in the list and check to make it available. Hit submit.
  3. Make a content area from the navigation menu and keep it hidden from users.
  4. On your new page, use the top navigation and go to Tools > More Tools > Qwickly Tools.
  5. Add a description for the tool, if that will help you remember it.

And then you’re all set to start using the tool.

Please let me know if you have any issues or questions.

Jayna Phinney
Jayna Phinney

Jayna Phinney is the Instructional Technology Specialist for the ASU College of Science and Engineering. Contact her at or 325-486-6264.



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