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Ram Remembrance Ceremony

Tuesday, October 12, 2021 7:00pm
Please join us for a candlelight ceremony remembering Ram Family members - students, alumni, faculty and staff - who have passed away Sept. 1, 2020, through Aug. 31, 2021.

Ram Remembrance is part of Homecoming, during which we publicly remember each member of the Ram Family lost during the previous academic year.

2021 Rams Remembered


Trevor Cate, Freshman
Kenneth C. Horton, Sophomore
Wyatt N. Minnix, Freshman


Larry C. Beatty, Facilities Management
Jo N. Carr, Facilities Management
Ronald “Ronnie” Dabney, Facilities Management
Mary Lou Holman, Housing and Residential Programs
Isabel R. Pedroza, Facilities Management
Robert B. Taylor, Risk Management
Betty Ann Thorpe, Department of Aerospace Studies
Dr. Kenyon Wagner, Department of English
Jack “Jackie” Whittington, Facilities Management


Joseph Louis Alexander, Class of 1956
Randolph Robert Anderson, Class of 1975
Robert C. Anderson, Class of 1996
David E. Auburg, Class of 1968
Reba J. Baker, Class of 1986
Sylvia Jeanette Baldwin, Class of 1984
Rachel Ann Baring, Class of 1978
Emil F. Beck, Class of 1943
Perry Marvin Bedford, Class of 1991
Mamie Lois Belcher, Class of 1980
Rev. Denise Marie Bloomquist, Class of 1992
Julie Marie Bond, Class of 2012
Peggye F. Bowman, Class of 1971
Derwood Blake Box, Class of 1979
Carla Lynn Boyd, Class of 1985
Stan Eugene Brosig, Class of 1953
Mary Mccutcheon Browning, Class of 1996
George Chapa, Class of 1972
Pauline Chitwood, Class of 1947
George Lynn Clark, Class of 1972
Larry C. Clark, Class of 1970
William F. Collins, Class of 1947
Jerrye Jane Cope, Class of 1948
Wilbert Guy Crippin, Class of 1977
Ruby Mae Crook, Class of 1948
Orlando Flores Dehoyos, Class of 1983
Michael Leon Doyle, Class of 1974
Paula Sue Duncan, Class of 1969
John Darel Elder, Class of 1991
Loneta F. Elliott, Class of 1993
Linda Lee Eskew, Class of 1980
Mary Sue Fields, Class of 1988
Gary Lee Flage, Class of 1972
Jamie Dalton Fox, Class of 1971
Arnold Garcia, Class of 1973
Ronald Giles Gillespie, Class of 1984
Jennifer Lee Greene, Class of 1994
Gary Mack Griffin, Class of 1968
Steve Carroll Ham, Class of 1988
Gregory H. Hartle, Class of 1992
Mary Sue Hasty, Class of 1981
Maidia Ruth Heinatz, Class of 1967
John Herridge Jr., Class of 1974
Mary Jane Hey, Class of 1979
Brenda Karlene Hill, Class of 1971
Melissa Hilton, Class of 1997
Lisa Hoover, Class of 1994
Bob Housley, Friend of ASU
Joseph M. Huchton, Class of 1973
Dow Thomas Hudson, Class of 1973
Donna Jeanne Hughes, Class of 1976
Brian Huynh, Class of 2018
Dorine Marcella Jones, Class of 1955
Carla Jean Jones, Class of 1978
Donna Faye Jowers, Class of 2021
Philip Alan Kennison, Class of 1973
Robert T. Kinsley, Class of 1951
Colleen A. LaBaume, Class of 2001
Mary Lou Lacy, Class of 1977
Carl James Lange, Class of 1973
Samuel A. Leonard, Former Student
Grover Chip Lightfoot, Class of 1980
Eugene Lawrence Long, Class of 1976
Martin James Lopez, Class of 1995
Patricia Louise Lovelace, Class of 1975
Charlie F. Low, Class of 1959
Matthew Ward Lusk, Class of 1990
Perry Wayne McCune, Class of 1977
Charles D. McDonald, Class of 1973
James Alexander McDonald, Class of 1969
James Ray McDougall, Class of 1970
Capt. Michael Jay McGill, Class of 1989
Floy Jean McNaughton, Class of 1977
Christina S. Meffert, Class of 1995
Terrell Jeff Miller, Class of 1967
Derek Milner, Class of 1994
Janet Ocker Minzenmayer, Class of 1974
Suzanne Terrell Mitchell, Class of 1994
Anita Monk, Class of 1978
Faleasha Lanette Moutry, Class of 1994
Jenifer Marie Musick, Class of 1980
Dr. Alex R. Nisbet, Class of 1957
Stanley A. Odstrcil, Class of 1967
JoAnn Elizabeth Oman, Class of 1962
Andrew Thomas Orozco, Class of 2014
Robert Lynn Parker, Class of 1984
Betty Jean Partlow, Class of 1987
Henry Gonzales Pena, Class of 1977
Capt. Edward Earl Peregoy, Class of 1977
Dr. Jose F. Perez, Class of 1993
Linda Gay Potts, Class of 1974
Mark Wayne Ramirez, Class of 1985
Jerome Hubert Rauterkus, Class of 1973
Richard Franklin Ray, Class of 1967
Crysta Nicole Richardson, Class of 2018
Michael Kevin Roe, Class of 1983
Jean Guthrie Ryon, Class of 1942
Arrin Joseph Salazar, Class of 2020
Mary A. Savage, Class of 1969
Warren Michael Schilling, Class of 1978
Dorothy Schuch, Class of 1943
Kenneth Scott, Class of 1956
Johnnie F. Shuping, Class of 1973
Robert E. Steger, Class of 1960
Russell Lane Stevens, Class of 1989
Evelyn June Massey Strebeck, Class of 1954
Hazel Maxine Strickland, Class of 1969
Thomas Dale Strube, Class of 1973
Robert R. Svacek, Class of 1978
William Scott Tarpley, Class of 1979
Brenda Gail Trotty, Class of 1982
Lester Wilson Turner, Class of 1972
Tommy Lin Turney, Class of 1995
Alexander T. Valverde, Class of 1972
Mary Louise Waddill, Class of 1951
Willard Newton Wagner, Class of 1994
Richard A. Way, Class of 1978
Jerry Brian Willborn, Class of 1980
Hedy Wright, Class of 1973
Karen Marie Young, Class of 2002
Anthony A. Zuniga, Class of 1970

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