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WEW: Magic Mirror on the Wall, Who’s the Smartest One of All?

Tuesday, October 19, 2021 2:00pm - 3:30pm Free
The South-West Texas Border Region SBDC’s have partnered together to bring you expert content to help your small business grow and succeed.

We all know the story of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs… but you’ve never heard it this way!In today’s working world, there’s rampant imposter syndrome (asking a mirror for input), negative internal dialogue (obsessing over not being “perfect”), harmful tactics for self-soothing (the poison apple), and a desire for others to solve your problems for you (the prince to kiss).The good news is, during this hour and a half, interactive presentation, Tara will take each participant on a journey into their unique and collective leadership experiences. Using humor and gripping storytelling, coupled with an actionable message… attendees will leave with the tools needed to shed unproductive thoughts, behaviors and feelings of inadequacy… while gaining the ability to be a smart self-driven leader, who gives as much to themselves as they do their team(s) and/or businesses.

Guest Speaker: Tara Furiani is described as “Creative and effective”, “an intelligent business professional”, “a natural leader”, “an incredibly quick learner”, “a clear and proficient communicator”, “delightfully fun and energetic, while abundantly smart and sharp as a tack” and “she’s my role model”, by her peers. Her mission is simple… to create an on-going dialogue and affect change related to previously thought of as “taboo” topics for the workplace (like bullying, racism, good old boys’ clubs, brilliant a**holes, and more) that often marginalize, harm & oppress Women, BIPOC and LGBTQIA+ employees. Companies, Universities and Organizations, all over the world, hire Tara as a Business Strategist & Executive Teambuilder, Keynote Speaker, DEI Consultant, C-Level Coach & Psychologist to help them be better and more human forward.

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