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Virtual: Leadership Series: “Conflict Resolution & Critical-Thinking Skills”

Monday, August 8, 2022 1 - 3 p.m. Free
Disciplined conflict resolution and critical thinking skills are the centerpieces for resolving interpersonal and operational problems in an effective, lasting manner.

But the idea that every problem can or should be solved is wrong; some friction is often necessary to produce the best business strategies.

Through these exchanges, it is each leader’s job to not just resolve problems, but to break down existing biases and train followers to think on their own so they can become effective future leaders. 

This four-part session webinar series is presented by Gravity Leadership & Management, LLC. Brought to you at no cost by CARES Act funding support.

Each session will include a discussion regarding the impact of current events such as COVID-19, inflation and telecommuting, and their impact on the workforce. You can attend individual sessions or the full series, whichever is best for your schedule.

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