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Ram Remembrance Ceremony

Tuesday, October 17, 2023 7 p.m. Free

Please join us for a candlelight ceremony remembering Ram Family members - students, alumni, faculty, staff and friends of ASU - who have passed away Sept. 1, 2022, through Aug. 31, 2023.

Ram Remembrance is part of Homecoming, during which we publicly remember each member of the Ram Family lost during the previous academic year.

2023 Rams Remembered


Barbara A. Barton, Mathematics
Col. Harry W. Bowers, Audit Services
Harlan Bruha, College of Business
Dr. H. Ray Dawson, Physics
Kay Haymaker Elliott, Computer Science
Dr. Demetrios G. Hademenos, College of Education
Dr. Horace David Harlan, Chemistry
Kathryn Anna Lackey, Nursing
Evelyn Grace Lemons, History, Class of 1989
Briza Leon Ohlmaier, Financial Aid, Class of 1992
Dr. James A. Moore, English
Dr. John Jacob Osterhout, Chemistry and Biochemistry
Dr. Sandra K. Pate, Management
Bobby Peiser, University Police
Frances I. Whittington, Purchasing


Jesus Al Almaguer, Class of 1969
Henry Alsbrooks, Class of 1989
Sierra Anderson, Class of 2017
Gerald Wayne Anthon, Class of 1975
Kaye Arel, Class of 1970
Margie Jane Autrey, Class of 1974
Rev. Jerry Don Bagwell, Class of 1975
Sam D. Bean, Class of 1969
Bill Ben Biggs, Class of 1961
Lockie Griswold Bissett, Class of 1996
Rikke Jean Black, Class of 1993
Alfrieda Braden, Class of 1944
Dr. Dale Howard Brancel, Class of 1974
Tyrone James Brewer, Class of 1988
Daniel Bullock, Class of 2009
Emmett Don Butts, Class of 1959
Stephen Edwin Byrd, Class of 1974
Bobby Rosalio Cantu, Class of 1979
Joseph Lane Caskey, Class of 1987
Rodney Steven Cason, Class of 1972
Dr. Howard Harland Chapple, Class of 1983
Shirley Ann Chipman, Class of 1957
Chris L. Clifton, Class of 2003
Elizabeth Ann Cooper, Class of 1977
Gregory Lee Crawford, Class of 1975
Gerald Dwayne Creel, Class of 1977
Deborah Dawn Csaszar, Class of 1990
Paul Buell Davidson, Class of 1994
Susan Diane Davis, Class of 2001
Christy Lee Dawson, Class of 1989
Ronald Len Devoll, Class of 1973
Cinderella Mason Dismukes, Class of 1967
James Lloyd Easterling, Class of 1979
Debra Ann Eubanks, Class of 2007
Mary Carole Farrington, Class of 1961
David L. Garcia, Class of 2008
Catherine Garner, Class of 1973
Natasha Geller, Class of 2011
Harold Joe Gerhart, Class of 2002
Colleen Cecilia Gilchrest, Class of 1983
Donn Albert Gonzales, Class of 2002
Glenda J. Grozier, Class of 1991
Jose F. Guerra, Class of 2011
Carol Louann Hall, Class of 1973
Sherry Ann Ham, Class of 1988
Marilyn Harris, Class of 1958
Candace Jean Henry, Class of 1976
Lois Gail Hisey, Class of 1976
Alice Baynes Hobbs, Class of 1985
Sally Ann Holladay, Class of 1974
Beverly Ann Holleman, Class of 1983
Forrest L. Holloway, Class of 1969
Donald Baxter Hopkins, Class of 1973
Juanita Anne Ivey, Class of 1971
Marsha Jane Kirksey, Class of 1972
Tanner Ray Langston, Class of 2012
Belva Jo Laroux, Class of 1973
Judy Diane Roberts Lewallen, Class of 1958
Frances Bernice Lewis, Class of 1973
Eliberto C. Lopez, Class of 1979
Betty J. Luckett, Class of 1951
Larry N. Lusby, Class of 1968
Lisa Gay Mathis-Bunyard, Class of 1988
Bonnie Janette McCleery, Class of 1992
Donna Gayle McNease, Class of 1986
Ronald Lee Miller, Class of 1994
Frederick Stanley Moore, Class of 1973
Brenton J. Morenz, Class of 1995
Elaine Nail, Class of 1952
Lynda Dianna Neel, Class of 1967
Rodolfo Diaz Ortiz, Class of 1981
Caroline Jo Pennington, Class of 1975
Fulton C. Pizzini, Class of 1995
Jerrell Ray Preas, Class of 1984
Sarah Christian Reagor, Class of 2022
Jacqueline Lois Shannon, Class of 1974
Brian Signorelli III
Toye Grace Speck, Class of 1973
Lynda Andrews Steinberg, Class of 1961
Dan Wayne Strickland, Class of 1986
Bobbie L. Sublett, Class of 1969
Sherry Ann Talley, Class of 1992
Christopher Tiftickjian, Class of 2002
Kimberly Marie Wade, Class of 2001
James Russell Wanoreck, Class of 1971
Taylor Wyatt Wells, Class of 1996
George M. Wilks, Class of 1993
Mark Kevin Williams, Class of 1985
Robin Evans Williams, Class of 2001
Cynthia Kay Willmann, Class of 1980
Alyce L. Wilson, Class of 1942
Ruth Ann Wilson, Class of 1979
Rickey Wiseman, Class of 1980
Shirley Gayle Wittie, Class of 1972
Amantha Gayle Pape Wright, Class of 1995
Jenean S. Young, Class of 1973


C.J. Davidson Conference Center