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Russian Program Speaker on Russia-Ukraine Conflict

Thursday, October 12, 2023 5 p.m. Free

Join us for a special guest presentation by Dr. Dora Merai, a visiting historian in the Department of Slavic and Eurasian Studies at the University of Texas.

Dr. Dora Merai portrait photo During her presentation titled “Culture and Heritage in the Russian-Ukrainian War,” Merai will discuss the destruction of protected Ukrainian buildings and monuments by the Russian Army and how museums are looted in the occupied territories. Behind the scenes, however, hundreds of Ukrainian and international experts and thousands of civilians work to protect heritage, monitor the damage, and document the sites to help a future reconstruction.

She will also discuss how culture and history feature in this conflict, who are the most important actors in this respect, and why it is crucial to work with the past when planning a post-war future for Ukraine.

Merai’s presentation is sponsored by the Department of English and Modern Languages and the ASU Russian Club.